Nepal Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAPA)

It studies the impact of alcohol use in the community through active research working against harmful alcohol use as well as coordinating with Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) and FARUT Norway.

The member organisations of this alliance are: CWIN-Nepal, Resource Centre for Primary Health Care (RECPHEC), Alcoholic Recovery Voice Nepal (ARV- Nepal),Forum of Women Law and Development (FWLD), Physicians for Social Responsibility Nepal (PSRN), Pro-Public, Solid-Nepal, Richmond, Watch, Voice of Children, Consumers Forum, National Association of People Living with HIV in Nepal (NAPN), Association of Youth Organisations Nepal (AYON), Friends Service Council Nepal (FSCN), Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), Jagaran Nepal, and  Youth Safe.

Objectives of NAPA:

  • To lobby and campaign for a comprehensive alcohol policy in Nepal and to facilitate  the process of formulation of a national alcohol policy in Nepal
  •  To conduct research on various alcohol issues in Nepal and to document initiatives and good practice against harmful use of alcohol
  • To raise awareness on harmful use of alcohol and mobilise media, civil society organisations, young and communities to minimise harms of alcohol use
  • To work in collaboration with national and international initiatives to strengthen sustainable campaign to address harmful use of alcohol at all levels

Activities of NAPA:

  • Lobby with the ministry of Health, the Consituent Assembly Members for national alcohol policy
  • Networking with stakeholders
  • Organise campaigns to minimise alcohol use  and use of celebrities for alcohol promotion
  •  Produce documentaries and TV programmes to raise awareness on harmful use of alcohol and emphasise on the need for comprehensive alcohol policy
  • Organise training and orientation for various sections of society to establish alcohol use as a development issue