Community Works and Networking

CWIN has wide networking with local, regional and national organisations working in the issues of children, women and human rights. CWIN has been an integral part of some important alliances and networks like Children at Risk Network Group (CAR-NWG), Alliance Against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal (AATWIN) and ALLIANCE (Alliance for human Rights and Social Justice).

  • Community Awareness and Conscientization
  • Training for Community Workers
  • Collaboration with Community Schools
  • Collaboration and Partnership with VDCS, DDCS and DCWBS and Local Level Organisations and Initiatives
  • Other Community Works related to Child Rights

CWIN in International Forums:

  • South Asian Regional Forum on the Rights of the Child
  • South Asian Coalition Against Child Servitude (SACCS)
  • Global March Against Child Labour, South Asia, Regional Secretariat
  • Child Workers in Asia (CWA)
  • End Child Sexual Exploitation in Tourism (ECPAT)
  • Foundation of Partnership
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Child rights based approach
  • Learning from each other’s experiences and exchange of expertise
  • Honour to the principles self-respect and self-reliance
  • Non-interference, but inter-dependence
  • Common agenda
  • Solidarity in action
  • National Interest and Sovereignty


  • CWIN has been running a Public Participatory Programme to gather support, solidarity and promote participation among individuals, groups and organisations from within the country and abroad towards CWIN’s movement for the rights of the child.