CWIN-Nepal’s Organisational Policies

CWIN-Nepal employs various organizational policies to remain relevant and accountable for good governance. CWIN-Nepal is committed to implementing these policies in practice and has devised mechanisms for the respective policies.

CWIN-Nepal also undertakes periodical revisions and amendments upon Board approval of its existing policies.

  1. Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  2. Gender and Social Inclusion Policy
  3. Alcohol, Drugs and Development Policy
  4. Anti-Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy
  5. Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Policy
  6. Environment Policy
  7. Internal Management Regulations / Budget Preparation Procedure
  8. Human Resource Development Policy
  9. Information and Communication Policy
  10. Fund Raising and Resource Mobilisation Policy
  11. Organisational Development and Sustainability Strategy
  12. Child Participation Policy
  13. Policy on young people’s use of IT/Internet in CWIN centres
  14. Staff travel for work policy
  15. Conflict Sensitivity Policy
  16. Data Protection Policy (Under development)
  17. Consultant Hiring Policy
  18. Volunteer Mobilisation Policy
  19. Designated roles of various board positions/ Management Committee / Steering Committee
  20. Staff Self-Care Policy

Our Policies

CWIN Good Governance _Whistle Blowing Policy

CWIN Anti Corruption Policy

CWIN Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Revised 2019

CWIN Information and Media Policy

CWIN Sexual Harassment Policy

Employment Policy of CWIN

Gender and Social Inclusion Policy

Environmental Policy