Let’s Implement the Tobacco Control & Regulation Act


Let’s Implement the Tobacco Control & Regulation Act

Tobacco Control and Regulation Act (2068) has been enforced into action from 7 Aug. 2011 in Nepal. According to the Act, smoking is prohibited in all public places such as offices, educational institutions, public vehicles, child care homes, cinemas, poolsides, shopping arcades, etc. The act also prohibits any kind of promotion, advertisement and sponsorship to promote tobacco. The outlets of any tobacco product should display a statutory message covering 75% of the cover. Any forms of tobacco should not be sold to children under 18 and pregnant women. Similarly, it is forbidden to sell single sticks of cigarette.

In Nepal, every day,  44 people die due to tobacco-related harms. This act has become a milestone in the public health sector. It is everyone’s responsibility to implement the act by raising awareness and taking initiation to reporting a violation of the legal provisions.

Let’s Implement the Tobacco Control & Regulation Act.

Ensure Every Citizen’s Right to Live in a Tobacco-Free Society.