Congratulation to Charimaya Tamang!


Congratulation to Charimaya Tamang!

Ms. Charimaya Tamang is awarded the 2011 Hero Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery Award, Monday, June 27, 2011. Charimaya stayed at CWIN Balika in 1996 and moved on to become a leader to fight against trafficking. We are happy and proud of her activism and achievements!

In 1996, CWIN along with 7 women’s organisations worked for repatriation of more than 200 trafficked women and girls. CWIN Balika hosted 28 minor girls in our transit centre. That was the first big initiative for repatriation of survivors of trafficking from India to Nepal. That was a very challenging time, as we faced many threats and the then government was not supportive of civil society initiative to bring the Nepali girls back home. CWIN had also published a report on the process of repatriation entitled “Back Home From Brothels” written by Gauri Pradhan.

We take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all our partners, colleagues, and all CWIN friends who worked in Balika for their untiring work, courage and commitment for girls’ empowerment!