Civil felicitation program to Nepal metropolitan traffic police division

“Civil Felicitation Program to Nepal Metropolitan Traffic Police Division” was held on December 29, 2015 at Hotel Radisson, Lazimpat. The program was organized by Nepal Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAPA) with the support of Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN Nepal) and FORUT-Norway. The program was held with the presence of chief and representatives from the member organizations of NAPA, different network organizations, different organizations working in the various sectors of human rights, and valued media representatives with a total of 53 participants.

Mr. Santalal Mulmi, Founder member of NAPA and Executive Director, RECPHEC welcomed all the distinguished guests and highlighted on the objectives of the program. He said that the honor is conferred to the MTPD for their commendable work and insistency in the crackdown on drink-driving ever since the start of the Drink and Drive Campaign.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mr. Rajendra Prasad Bhatta gave his presentation on the Drink and Drive Campaign which focused on the achievements after the launch of the campaign on December 3, 2011. The punishment was handed down ever since December 8, 2011 and till date 1, 13,164 have been punished for drunk-driving. The MTPD has already booked more than 175,000 motorists in the Kathmandu Valley since the the campaign was launched in 2011. He said that the drunk-driving check and strict punishment has ensured the happiness in the lives of the family. The rate of domestic violence, social conflict and criminal activities has decreased dramatically. Road accidents, injuries and fatalities triggered by drink-driving have been reduced significantly.

Chairperson of the NHRC, Mr. Anup Raj Sharma felicitated DIGP Mr. Jaya Bahadur Chand in-charge of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) with a letter of honor and a shawl. Mr. Chand gracefully accepted the honor for Metropolitan Traffic Police Division. He said that the honor not only belonged to him or the traffic division but to all women and families who have been suffering from alcohol addiction of their family member. He said that the punishment for the drunk drivers and other related laws have been implemented from the traffic division without any compromise and with zero tolerance. However, he informed that amendment of the traffic rules is a necessity in our country as the existing laws do not cater the emerging new traffic challenges.

Dr. Basanta Pant shared his experience of how the number of cases relating to road accidents has decreased compared to the years before 2011. He recommended the government to come up with scientific machine for checking the driver if he/she is drunk. He also advised upon the resume the rule of rider and the pillion wearing helmet to make the pillion safer during accidents. He said that the 1:5 death rate of case fatality in Nepal is high and could be checked if the rules are made effective to make the driver seat door closed while driving especially in the big buses.

Dr. Padam Bahadur Chand informed that the National Alcohol Policy have been drafted and will be finalized with further interaction. He stressed that with many ethnic communities in Nepal, bringing alcohol policy not hindering the sentiments, culture and tradition related to alcohol is very challenging.

Mr. Anupraj Sharma praised MTPD for their relentless effort and congratulated them for the success. He said that MTPD should always continue this campaign and become zero tolerant in drink-driving as well as in implementation of other traffic rules. He further added that civil society organizations, traffic police and line ministry should conduct programs with a modality that can grab the interest of the people.

Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar, Executive Coordinator of CWIN Nepal stressed that the issue of alcohol addiction in the family directly affects women and children. She said that it is also the issue of child rights and CWIN-Nepal as the leading member of NAPA will always support the drink and drive campaign that has brought happiness in the lives of many women and children.

The program was chaired by Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar, National Coordinator of NAPA and Executive Coordinator of CWIN Nepal. Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Mr. Anup Raj Sharma was honored as the Chief Guest and Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Mr. Jaya Bahadur Chand in-charge of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) as the special guest in the felicitation program. Distinguished guest including Mr. Tarak Dhital, Executive Director of Central Child Welfare Board; Dr. Padam Bahadur Chand, Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Health; Dr. Basanta Gautam, Senior Neurosurgeon were invitees honored in the dash.

Mr. Madhu Sudan Dawadi, Program Manager at CWIN Nepal facilitated the program.