Sumnima Tuladhar, Executive Director of CWIN Nepal receiving the Letter of Appreciation

CWIN Nepal is felicitated by Kanti Children’s Hospital on its 62nd anniversary, for its contribution is opening and running the Children and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit within the hospital’s premises. CWIN Nepal collaborated with Kanti Children’s Hospital in 2015, after the devastating earthquake to launch the Mental Health Facility for the first time in Nepal. The Unit was initiated after the need to address earthquake-induced Mental Health related issues in Children and Adolescents. The initiation started from a small outpatient service and is running in its building as a Unit today. The Mental Health facility in Kanti Children’s Hospital running with the support of FORUT Norway.
The unit is providing mental health services to children and adolescents not only in Kathmandu but also to children and adolescents all over Nepal through telemedicine facilities. CWIN is also working on training mental health counselors all over Nepal and is working to train school and hospital nurses on identifying mental health issues in children at schools and other hospitals as well.
On the occasion of its 62nd anniversary, Kanti Children’s Hospital facilitated various Civil Society Organizations, Programs, and international agencies working towards the improved health service of children.
CWIN-Nepal received Letter of Appreciation from Kanti Children’s Hospital on the occasion of its 62nd Anniversary for CWIN’s contribution to run Nepal’s first Child and Adolescent Psychitary and Mental Health Unit in collaboration with Kanti Children’s Hospital within the premises of the hospital. CWIN- Nepal pioneered Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health in Nepal by starting OPD service in 2015 within the services of Kanti Children’s Hospital