Even though formally established in 1987, CWIN was not officially registered for a couple of years for multiple reasons. First, the political climate was not favourable at the time of CWIN's establishment. The social service scenario, largely viewed as the charity service, was monopolised. Every organisation and institution was under the umbrella of the then SSNCC. CWIN, with its founder members with student background and its fiercely independent policy and vision at the social service for children, was not the best organisation to earn the goodwill of the SSNCC, the tool of the anarchist and totalitarian one-party government system of Panchayat. Then the much-despised political order gave way to the people's movement for the restoration of democracy in 1991 and the subsequent formation of the first democratic government in the country. Soon the SSNCC also had a new set up and CWIN was officially registered under both SWC and Chief District Office (CDO) in 1991 as child's rights activist and advocate organisation.