CWIN-Nepal is governed by a General Assembly consisting of hundred members, which elects an Executive Board of seven members. The Executive Board nominates an Executive Director who heads the management committee to formulate and implement programmes of action. The CWIN Management Committee runs day-to-day activities. The Executive Director and Programme Directors are responsible for the ongoing operation of the projects. The projects are managed and monitored by separate steering committees formed for each project. 

CWIN Executive Board (2019-2022)

CWIN-Nepal is pleased to announce its new Board for the period of 2019-2021. All the Board members have been nominated and elected by the general assembly of CWIN to continue their second term in the board as designated by the constitution of CWIN-Nepal. The new Board comprises of members from various walks of life who have a remarkable contribution in social movements and respective professional sectors.

CWIN-Nepal has a tradition of having Child Rights Forum, which comprises of 9 children and young people as an advisory group to the board. The children come from various backgrounds and are directly in touch with CWIN through its various programmes. The Children’s Advisory/Child Rights Forum meets with the Board on a quarterly basis to provide their direct inputs to CWIN policies/decisions and programmes of action.

Members and position of the board:

1. Chair 
Mr. Madhav Pradhan -Child Rights Expert

Mr. Pradhan has been associated with CWIN since 1991 and has worked through the years for the promotion and protection of children at risk. Mr. Pradhan is also the Chairperson of Children as zones of peace - National Alliance (CZOPP) and MenEngage Alliance.
Ed: Masters in Business Administration

2. Vice Chair 
Ms. Sumitra Joshi - Women’s Rights Expert and Founding associate of CWIN-Nepal.

Ms. is a women’s rights defender and has been working in Nepal Bank Ltd. For the past 25 years. 
Ed: Masters in Commerce

3. General Secretary 
Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar – Child Rights Expert (Ex. Officio representing management)

Ms. Tuladhar is a founding associate of CWIN and is an expert on various child protection issues including trafficking, street children, CSEC, child participation, children and conflict transformation and online child protection. Ms. Tuladhar is also a founding member of AATWIN and Shanti Malika.
Ed: Masters in English Literature

4. Treasurer 
Mr. Subodh Shrestha – Management Expert

Mr. Shrestha has been associated with CWIN for more than two decades. He is also Director at Capital FM.
Ed: Masters in Commerce

5. Secretary 
Mr. Tanka Limbu – Anthropologist

Mr. Limbu has done a number of researches and teaches Medical Anthropology at Tribhuwan University. He is also associated with Friends for Peace.
Ed: Masters in Anthropology

6. Member 
Prof. Dr. Govind Subedi –Research Expert

Prof. Subedi is a well-known expert in labour research and has carried out national research studies for ILO and the government of Nepal. Prof. Subedi is also the Senate Member of Tribhuwan University.
Ed: PhD/Population Studies

7. Member 
Ms. Sharada Subba – Lawyer – Women’s Rights Expert

Ms. Subba is a profound women’s rights defender and has worked as an Executive Director at LACC (Legal Aid Consultancy Centre). She is the Chairperson of the Indigenous Women Lawyers Group. Ms. Subba is also a well-known name in the field of literature. She has many novels to her credit.

CWIN-Nepal is proud to have highly credible members in its board and looks forward to a very valuable contribution from the members and young people’ advisory for making its work with and for children at risk more meaningful. CWIN-Nepal also extends big gratitude for the excellent contribution made by the members of the board for its development in the past years.

Management Committee of CWIN-Nepal

Member - Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar, Executive Director (Masters in Humanities)
Member - Mr. Kumar Bhattarai, Programme Director and Speaker (Masters in Humanities)
Member - Ms. Rashmila Shakya, Programme Director (PhD Scholar/MBA/Masters in Sociology and Anthropology)
Member - Mr. Surjan Shrestha, Finance Director (MPHIL in Accounting/MBA)