• CWIN/RDTA TUKI/Board met at Charikot today to implement 2nd phase recovery actions in 8 northern VDCs in Dolakha in partnership with FORUT-Norway. CWIN/RDTA TUKI/FORUT will work on nutrition, health, education, temporary shelter and child protection in 8 VDCs (Khopachagu, Alampu, Babare, Kalinchowk, Laduk, Lamidanda, Chilankha and Bigu) under recovery phase.
  • CWIN/RDTA TUKI also held an orientation for staff from the field for implementation of recovery phase activities.
  • CWIN today sent 665 child packs including sanitary napkins and recreational boxes containing educational and sports materials to three different schools of Lalitpur and Sindhupalchowk.
  • CWIN also sent relief package including food supply, blankets, sanitary napkins and clothes for families and children in five different areas of Kathmandu including hospitals.
  • CWIN/Comic Relief organized a programme on new challenges created by earthquake for street children and their career options.
  • CWIN in collaboration with Bhattedanda Health Post organized a health camp at Bhatedanda, Lalitpur. A total of 220 children and 15 adults benefited from the health camp. Free medicines were provided to all the patients.
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    • बालबालिकामाथि भइरहेको दुव्र्यवहार विरुद्ध ध्यानाकर्षण पत्र

      हामी नेपालमा बालबालिकाको अधिकारको संरक्षणका सवालमा विगत दुई दशक भन्दा लामो समयदेखि निरन्तर पैरवी गर्दै आइरहेका संघीय गणतान्त्रिक नेपालको सातै प्रदेशका प्रतिनिधिहरु हाल बालिका, किशोरी र यौनिक अल्पसंख्यक बालबालिकाहरुमाथि भइरहेको दुव्र्यवहारका घटनाका विषयमा नेपाल सरकारको गम्भीर ध्यानाकर्षण गराउन...

    • Let’s unite against violence to save the lives of children and humanity on the planet

      Civil Society Networks-Nepal  Say No to War!!!  28 February 2018  Civil Society Forum of Nepal strongly condemns the senseless attack that took place in Syria in last week which has thus far killed more 500 people including about 150 children and injured others. Civil Society Forum of Nepal expresses its...

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    • Norway willing to support Nepal to develop education sector

      RASTRIYA SAMACHAR SAMITI CHARIKOT: Minister of International Development of Norway, Nikolai Astrup has said that Norway government wants to partner with Nepal for its educational development. The Norwegian Minister said so while inaugurating Devitar Basic School at Loting, Chilankha of Bigu Rural...

    • नर्वेका विकासमन्त्री दोलखाको चिलंखामा

      श्याम खतिवडा/नयाँ पत्रिका दोलखा (चिलंखा), २३ फागुन | नर्वे सरकारका विकासमन्त्री निकोलाई अस्ट्रुप आज दोलखाको बिगु गाउँपालिकास्थित चिलंखा गाउँमा पुगेका छन् । नर्वे सरकारको सहयोगमा बनेका झण्डै २ दर्जन विद्यालय भवनको अनुगमन र नेपाल सरकारले सञ्चालन गरेको स्थानीय शासन तथा सामुदायिक विकास कार्यक्रम...