Paying attention to the effect of smoking and tobacco use in public health, respectable Supreme Court released a mandamus on 13 June 2006. This mandamus was declared by a joint bench of Honorable Judges of Supreme Court, Mr. Anup Raj Sharma and Rajendra Prasad Koirala.

Being an active social organization working for the protection of public health especially children’s health from the ill effects of smoking and tobacco use, we heartily welcome the mandamus released by Supreme Court. We believe that the mandamus will increase wide awareness through media regarding the negative effect of smoking and tobacco use on public health in the social and economic area. It will initiate necessary activities for restricting tobacco and cigarette advertisements in print media and control the use of cigarette and tobacco. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will also monitor the mandamus in being implemented or not.

Every year 15,000 people die due to the use of cigarette and tobacco. In average 29.8% of children are victims of smoking and tobacco practices. Statistics of many social researches have stated that 15 per cent of the total expenditure of marginalized family is spent on cigarette and tobacco practices. Hence, we believe that this mandamus will assist in the control and prevention of such facts and figures.

We appeal the Nepal Government to make necessary laws and regulations and take immediate actions to implement this mandamus in practice. We also appeal the Government to respect the mandamus and to stop the advertisement of cigarettes in print media as well as prohibit smoking in public places.

Gauri Pradhan 



16 June 2006