Interaction program with the street children and police officials was held on April 16, 2015, in the capital with the presence of Superintendent of Police Ms. Durga Singh of Naxal Police Headquarter.  Nearly sixty children from different areas of Kathmandu participated in the program. CWIN Nepal celebrated Nepali New Year 2072 with street children and police officials. Street children talked about their experience and the challenges they have been facing in the street. They focused on sharing about the challenges they face with police and how they feel that police are constantly harassing, abusing and torturing them. One street child said, “We find easier to admit crimes that we have not done rather than bearing the excruciating pain given by the police officials.”

Ms. Durga Singh admitted that there are instances of inhumane conduct from police officials to street children when they are found hovering around at the night time or suspected of some crime. However, she strongly opposed the physical abuse done by the police officials and the way they treat street children. She said “No one has the right to beat children even if suspected with a crime as physical torture is to children is illegal. No police have the right to abuse children by misusing their power and if found doing so, they are liable of punishment and the consequence would be more severe than that for the general citizen of the country.” She strongly motivated the street children to make use of CWIN Child Helpline toll-free no. Ten-Nine-Eight and report any case of misbehaving, abuse, torture, harassment, bribing done by any police with their name. She consoled them that their complaints would be heard and taken care of.