Street children living in Kathmandu valley are being provided with earthquake relief support by Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN Nepal) these days. Street children as we know already have a very hard life. On top of that, when Nepal was hit by the 7.8 magnitudes catastrophic earthquake, their living situation has become even worse. Earlier they could earn for their living by getting involved in rag picking, begging, petty thefts or getting involved as wage worker but after the devastating earthquake, all of these have not been possible also accounting to most of the junkyards being closed. CWIN felt the need to address this situation promptly and started its support program after the assessment of their situation by which they found out that the street children were left with no food or shelter.

CWIN has been providing support to the children living in Tudikhel, Jamal, Pashupati, Mahalaxmisthan, New Buspark, Swayambhu, Kalanki, and Teku by providing them with makeshift tents, food, water and other resources depending upon their need. The program has been able to reach around 200 children so far. 

The children have been provided with regular health check-up programs and primary health care is also being provided on a daily basis. Children were found to be mainly suffering from minor cuts and wounds, cough and cold, diarrhoea and gastritis.

They have been provided with the first aid and medical support if the case needed further medical attention.

"I am very happy with what CWIN has done for me and children like us. We would have been hungry and without tents for days if CWIN had not extended their helping hands", said Kabir (name altered), one of the children benefitting from the relief program. Every day at least 160 children are being provided with meals twice a day. Some children are being provided with food and utensils for them to cook their own meal. Children have been appreciating the effort of CWIN. In such a situation of despair, it was rewarding to see smiles on the faces of these children with our small effort. 

CWIN aims to support more and more street children in the upcoming days followed by regular assessment and monitoring.