Nepal's child rights movement, initiated with the inception of CWIN-Nepal, has completed three decades. CWIN envisioned a just, prosperous, and inclusive society where all children enjoy the fundamental human rights and where the state takes full responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil these rights. Established in 1987 as the first child rights organization in Nepal by a group of university students actively engaged in the human rights and democratic movements, with the leadership of Mr. Gauri Pradhan, CWIN-Nepal continues to play an active and leading role in the child rights movement in Nepal.

Children are the source of inspiration for CWIN to continue its journey with undaunted determination. The positive changes we have witnessed among children through different initiatives and programmes of CWIN have provided us with unwavering strength. In addition, the support we have received from various government line agencies, political parties, concerned stakeholders, international partners and communities are also sources of inspiration for CWIN. CWIN is truly humbled by the support and solidarity it has received from all concerned citizens, civil society actors and co-workers involved in the child rights and human rights movements. CWIN wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to all its well-wishers. We welcome the valuable inputs of our well-wishers and critics.